Trupan Fire-Rated MDF
This fire-rated panel is manufactured on our Trupan Plus platform using a chemical system to achieve a fire-rated Class A/Class 1 panel that is classified by Underwriter Laboratories for surface burning characteristics. Trupan FR MDF is ideal for commercial and institutional projects when required by fire safety codes and specifications.

Products are available raw or TFL finished with your choice of design from the PRISM collection.

Duraflake FR Particleboard available. Click here for more information. 

 Trupan FR is also produced using ARAUCO's VESTA low/no emitting technology. Please see the Trupan VESTA page for more information. 

Currently produced in:
Bennettsville, SC
 Eugene, OR (VESTA ULEF)


Trupan MDF Safety Data Sheet

Trupan Technical Specification Sheet

Trupan Flame Spread Performance

Trupan UL FR Certificate (Bennettsville, SC)

Trupan UL FR Certificate Canada (Bennettsville, SC)

Trupan UL FR Certificate (Eugene, OR)

Trupan UL FR Certificate Canada (Eugene, OR)